On the Lama Hill on the farm are five magical cabins – four cabins and our studio – where you can stay for a few days and get a taste for farm life.

You’re invited to a special experience – Cabins in Mitzpe Ramon

Get to know our cabins!

All of our cabins were created with comfort in mind. They all include a sitting area, dining area, air conditioning, fully equipped kitchenette (fridge, electric stove, oven and utensils), spacious bathroom and a window view of the desert, and farm! All the cabins have a shaded patio that overlooks the farm, while enjoying the feeling of an oasis.

Cabins - "Alpaca" and "Llama"

We are happy to announce that the cabins recently went through renovations!

The cabins “Alpaca” and “Llama” include:

*Cabins are non-smoking
* Thanks to Chaim Ravia for the photos


The Suites: "Raz" and "Yael"

We are happy to announce that the cabins recently went through renovations!

The suites include:

*The suits are non-smoking


In addition to the cabins and suites, we have the Studio. This is no ordinary cabin, but a large comfortable room with large windows overlooking the farm. The room is best suited for family or group gathers that do not mind sleeping in a big room together.

A great place to bond with family or friends with an experience you’ll always cherish!

The Studio is suitable for overnight accommodations for groups of up to 20 people. May they be family gathers, work events or groups of friends getting together.

Adjacent to the studio is a fully equipped kitchen, bathrooms, and shower for those staying there. The dining table is positioned with a wonderful view of the farm. Next to the studio is also a fire pit for bonfires or Barbecues.

In the winter there are heaters and the summer desert coolers within the room.


Activities For guests spending a night at our farm:

(Go through the pictures)


!The alpacas, llamas, and horses would love to be your host

Please check availability and book below. Email: office@alpaca.co.il or call us +972-52-897-7010

שעות כניסה ומחירון

בתקופה הקרובה החווה פתוחה לביקורים יומיים בימים חמישי-שישי-שבת בלבד


חמישי-שבת 5-7 בנובמבר 2020:  08:30-16:00


סופי שבוע (חמישי-שישי-שבת) החל מ – 12 בנובמבר: 09:30-11:30,  13:30-16:00


לא ניתן להכניס כלבים לחווה.



לתיאום בטלפון או ווטסאפ: 0528-977-010    alpaca.co.il

לא ניתן להכניס כלבים לחווה.


מחיר הכניסה לחווה כולל השתתפות בהדרכה, ביקור במפעל הצמר, בית הקפה, האכלת האלפקות והלאמות מכף היד וסיור חופשי בחווה. 

כמו כן המחיר כולל חלק מפעילויות היצירה לילדים.


מחירים אלה כוללים הדרכה פרטית לקבוצה (למעט חגים ושבתות), האכלת האלפקות והלאמות מכף היד וסיור חופשי בחווה.

המחירים הם לקבוצה של 20 איש ומעלה, בתיאום מראש ובהוצאת הזמנה לביקור.